Carpe Diem Property Land Requirements

Client Land Requirement Search Brief: Detailed Land Requirements


The Basics:

  • We Buy:
  • Between £2-10m, FOR 20-100 UNITS we Buy CASH & UNCONDITIONAL (Introducers get paid in 2-4 Months).
  • or
  • Between £500K - £2M, for 9-20 Units we Buy Subject to Planning (STP).
  • In all London Postcodes Outside Zone 2, Inc. Urban Home Counties Areas.

What will help you stand out from the crowd.

"If you can help perform the basic checks and do basic due diligence before introducing sites to ensure they meet all our basic criteria, you will be ahead of the pack!"

         We want unconsented sites with minimal planning history

          You need to be:

  • Certain this is not on the market (check with local agents & online that it is not for sale)
  • Direct to vendor, no agents, or chains 
  • Able to introduce us direct to vendor 
  • Certain the seller is willing and not seeking offers as a valuation tool
Modern New Builds in Up & Coming Areas


  • Asking price is viable relative to the site’s potential 
  • Up to £10M purchase price

 Minimum size:

  • Sites capable of a min of <9 or 15 units/houses up to 150 units +



  • We buy:
  • Brownfield focused sites, or houses on large plots with planning precedent (but site must have no planning on it)

  • Lock Up Garages | Brownfield | Light Industrial
  • Redundant Buildings | Derelict Buildings | Vacant Building  
  • Commercial / Office Refurbishment | Retail | Warehouses
  • Sites with a residential focus or mixed use with an element of commercial where employment has to be reprovisioned 
  • Vacant possession preferred
  • Tenants remaining is considered on a case-by-case basis, but ideally on shorter time frames



  • We buy in:
  • London (all zones bar Zone 1) and Home Counties (Surrey, Berks, Hampshire, Herts, Essex and Kent)
  • Urban locations near stations in the Home Counties ideally 
  • Areas with a sales value £500 -1000 / Sq. Ft.
We Buy In: London, Central & Southern Urban Areas
  • We dont buy in:
  • No rural sites in small settlements in Home Counties 
  • No Greenbelt 
  • No AONB 
  • Contaminated sites / sites with culverts are ok
  • We don’t buy Hotels, Golf courses & similar operational businesses, as they rarely work & tend to be in Green Belt or AONB, sites will need to be validated with planning intel supporting a development angle on submission of the site



Site checks and info required when sending sites through: 

  • Please provide as much detail as possible:
  • Location
  • Nearby stations and distances 
  • PTAL 
  • Site has a viable access point 
  • Site area measures in Sq. Ft. 
  • Viability of site
  • Planning intel from owner
  • Assess viability of site based on number of potential floors + precedent 
  • Tenants
  • Where assets have tenants, we require income and lease profiles (within or outside the act)
  • Planning
  • Some planning background of the site and micro location, e.g.: all  nearby properties rejected for planning for new build, or a large       development site next door rejected on massing basis 
  • Pricing
  • GDV provided or estimated by owner supported by comparable evidence 

We appreciate hearing about what you think could work on the site as well.

"The more insight you can provide us with, the faster we can come back with, the site works & this is our offer for the site."
    For more information please  contact us: 020 7993 6571.

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