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Property Finance

Having successfully raised over £45,000,000 for a variety of our own and JV Partners projects requiring  Capital Raising from £200k - £25m over the past few years, our track record and reputation in this niche is growing quickly.

“Carpe Diem Property remain an invaluable, highly creative Capital Advisory Partner. They have assisted us, not only in our capital raising requirements but also in securing our future site pipeline as JV Partners”

David (CEO) – C2 Assisted Living Developer.

Do you have equity to invest?

Carpe Diem Property and our JV partners have a pipeline of development opportunities across London and predominantly the South UK that require equity funding which CDP also co-invests in.

Each project produces high-margins in excess of 20-25% profit on cost which is shared between the delivery partners and equity investors.

We encourage potential equity investors to contact us if they have over £500k equity to invest per project that allows us to develop multiple schemes.

Do you Need Finance?

As the first choice for CDP and our JV partners property finance, our team is exceptionally talented in overcoming obstacles.

We have agreed to invest from £100,000's of our own funds into projects within 24 hours right through to securing heads of terms for over £30m in equity and debt within a week.

Decades of experience ensures we and our finance partners can deliver advice on overcoming complex projects, optimising deal structures to reduce costs as well as increasing profit margins.

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Adding Value

On a recent project introduced by CDP, the developer benefited from £3.9m additional profit due to the creative restructuring of equity and debt funding.

We encourage our clients to challenge CDP and our financiers with new projects, having succeeded in most cases to enhance the terms in favour of the developer with credible schemes.

The following services are available to our clients through CDP & finance partners:
- Equity investments into your projects.
- Debt and bridging funding.
- Deal Structuring.

For more details, to discuss investing, or your requirement for funding please get in touch.

Additionally our team like to give back to the community and one of our charity partners is LandAid.

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