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Joint Venture & Partnerships

Carpe Diem Property have an established track record of successfully structuring Joint Venture Partnerships based on creating value for all stakeholders.

Our agility means we are open to working on small to large projects and can deliver financial solutions to assist land and property owners overcome challenges they face.

We have successfully structured solutions including construction joint ventures, sale and leasebacks, equity investment partnerships to unlock a site's planning potential and land promotion partnerships.

Read our JV Partnership Guide.

The Benefits of Joint Venturing with CDP

For a typical property owner, undertaking a property development within a joint venture partnership, will deliver increased profitability relative to disposing the land or property directly to the market undeveloped.

As part of the joint venture, the property owner will have an agreement with a developer, where they contribute the land, and the developer contributes expertise and capital to take the project forward.

A joint venture partnership may be structured either to take a property through the planning process and create an exit scenario thereafter or is followed into the construction and sales process to maximise mutual benefit.

Read our JV Partnership Guide.

Tall Buildings

A Typical Structure

STEP 1: Based on the property owners’ requirements, a base land payment is agreed as well as how payments will be sequenced.

STEP 2: Based on the developers input & risk parameters, a profit share split is agreed.

STEP 3: The property is then taken through the planning process and planning consent is secured. Based on costs and the value created through planning, the property is then valued by an independent valuer to reach a fair market value.

STEP 4: The project is then either disposed if this is a mutually agreed exit or is taken through the full construction process, through to the sales process, whereby the developer assumes all development risks.

STEP 5: Result – the landowner obtains an enhanced value for and fair share of profit without taking development risk.

Post sales, land owner receives the enhanced land value payment plus agreed profit share, enhancing their returns relative to selling an undeveloped asset.

Read our JV Partnership Guide.

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