Builders & Contractors we Want to Work with You

Builders and Contractors

If you have access to development sites or owners with sites but need a JV Partner, we can help.

We are looking to build relations with collaborative builders and contractors who can deliver schemes cost effectively.

CDP can help:

– Structure the deal

– Agree the legals

– Provide equity to get planning, secure & deliver the site

– Optimise finance & exit strategy so you can share upside

Proposed Schemes in the Pipeline

We are looking for builders and contractors to bring sites forward in Zone 2 outwards in South East England and the Home Counties with development opportunities on:


–Vacant Property


–Permitted Development Rights

–Brownfield and Land Assembly Sites

–Airspace Sites

We only focus on off market sites ideally where we can utilise our expertise to secure planning and build out sites between 2 – 9 units between £1m - £20m GDV targeting help to buy buyers.

For more information please get in touch with us: 020 7993 6571

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We welcome hearing from you, to discuss how we can help.

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