We are actively Seeking Subdivision Developments

We are actively Seeking Subdivision Developments

We are currently structuring a deal for on a subdivision of a large house into 6 flats in Battersea, London.

•We are in the process of undertaking a Joint Venture with a land owner to sub divide an existing large residential house into multiple smaller units.

•We are looking to build 6 residential units from the existing building by digging out the basement and adding a ground story extension.

•We are conducting this development in conjunction with the freeholder and looking to add an additional £2 million worth of GDV on the residential units over the existing land value.

•We will then sell the units for a profit split with the site owner making the site owner significantly more profit than selling the existing building as is.

We are looking for similar sub division opportunity development sites either on an intro fee basis or joint venture with the land owner from Zone 2 outwards. For more information, please click on the link below:

CDP Overview Brochure



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