Site Owners – CDP Want to JV With You!

If you are a site owner or know of someone who has a potential site, get in touch with us now to discuss potential JV opportunities.

How can CDP help?

  • CDP and our partners are experts at getting projects through the planning process.
  • CDP provide equity to develop out the project.
  • With our trusted partners, CDP have an excellent track record of arranging the most optimal finance for all parties, increasing profit.
    • In a recent deal, CDP and our partner structured and extra £3.9m profit for the developer seeking £10m equity & £20m debt was created.
  • CDP can also sell the sites at the back end of the project.


  • London Zone 2 outwards, South East of England and Home Counties.


  • Must be suitable for residential or mixed-use developments:
  • Land.
  • Vacant property.
  • Commercial.
  • Permitted Development rights.
  • Brownfield and Land Assembly sites.

For more information about Carpe Diem Property, please download our Company Overview Brochure.

To discuss potential JV opportunities, please get in touch with:

Ed Hector

Founder & MD


Phone: +44 (0)20 7993 6571

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