Site Owners – Carpe Diem Property want to JV with you!

If you are a site owner or know of someone who has a potential site, get in touch with us now to discuss potential JV opportunities.

How can CDP help?

• CDP and our partners are experts at getting projects through the planning process.

• CDP provide equity to develop out the project.

• With our trusted partners, CDP have an excellent track record of arranging the most optimal finance for all parties, increasing profit. In a recent deal, CDP and our partner structured and extra £3.9m profit for the developer seeking £10m equity & £20m debt was created.

• CDP can also sell the sites at the back end of the project.



•London Zone 2 outwards, South East of England and Home Counties. Sites:

• Must be suitable for residential or mixed-use developments:

• Land.

• Vacant property.

• Commercial.

• Permitted Development rights.

• Brownfield and Land Assembly sites.

For more information about Carpe Diem Property, please download our Company Overview Brochure. To discuss potential JV opportunities, please get in touch with Ed Hector.


Ed Hector

Founder & MD Email:

Phone: +44 (0)20 7993 6571

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