Planning Feasibility

As part of our service, we work with property owners to assess a site’s planning potential, this comes in the form of a planning feasibility appraisal. We review what development potential a site has, in terms of planning policy constraints, optimal design, number of dwellings and other factors. As part of this process, we will evaluate the opportunities and provide the landowner with the optimal route forward, so planning permission can be secured

During this early stage engagement we will not approach the council or submit any information, but simply place clients in an informed position as to where their property sits with the Local Authority’s Local Plan, as well as the wider National Planning Policy Framework. Upon completion of this report, you will be able to identify the sites most feasible options.

The level of depth can vary according to the landowners’ needs and can include:

  • Analysis of the current Local and National Planning Policy most relevant to the site.
  • Relevant legal and statutory requirements.
  • The probability of planning consent for different options.
  • A land appraisal which may include any relevant environmental, contamination and geotechnical surveys.
  • Analysis of other factors such as protected areas, greenbelt policies, flood risk, access constraints along with any identifiable easements or restrictive covenants.



1.5 acre site consisting of a 5-bed dwelling, annexe and large garden & Neighbour’s site with similar layout.

Development potential was assessed and we engaged with the local authority for the site to be part of the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) with later intentions of gaining planning permission for up to 15 dwellings.