Land Promotion

Carpe Diem Property offers landowners a unique service including the cost of planning promotion and land sale at no financial cost.

As part of the service, our consultants will manage the whole process for you, at our own cost to achieve the optimum possible value.

Until now, landowners either had to conduct this work themselves, by using consultants at their own cost or enter an option agreement with developers, having then to settle for a percentage of the value of the land (determined by valuation rather than open market sale) once it had a planning consent.

By collaborating with Carpe Diem Property a client can avoid several disadvantages including the high-risk costs, management time, lack of control over the transaction and a low price forced down by the inherent nature of the typical discount arrangement required by a developer.

We can help clients achieve far higher returns than they would with a conventional developer option, where you only receive a percentage of ‘open market value’, determined by a valuation exercise, as opposed to market exposure.

Your objectives are aligned – to achieve the highest possible price for your land!

We enter into an agreement with you, the landowner, to promote your land for development within an agreed timescale.

If we are successful in obtaining planning consent, the land is offered for sale in the open market, in accordance with an agreed marketing strategy. This will fully expose the land to ensure the maximum sales value is achieved through competition.

We then receive a percentage of the sales proceeds, plus our costs. We will agree with the percentage with you at the outset, but typically it’s around 20%, and we will also agree on a cap on our costs.


How can we help?

We offer you a number of advantages:

  • We will promote your land for development at our own cost.
  • We will work with your existing consultants, where appropriate, or use our own expert team for the promotion process.
  • We are renowned for overcoming legal and technical planning challenges and winning planning consent in sensitive locations.
  • We will agree on a realistic marketing strategy with you and your advisors, to ensure the maximum exposure of the land and highest return to you.
  • You benefit from our considerable planning and marketing expertise.
  • Since we invest our own time and money in each project that we undertake, we are fully motivated to maximise the value of your land.
  • No Planning Consent, no fee.

Process & Timeline

End to End Process: 12-15 months.

Consultation & Terms of Agreement

Carpe Diem Property & the client understand and agree to the terms of the agreement and process.

Site Review

Carpe Diem Property’s team of consultants and partner Architects, Planners and Financiers appraise your site’s planning potential and complete a feasibility study.

Planning Process

The optimal development project is selected and submitted for planning consent & iterations carried out.


Following the consent of planning, marketing of the site begins to Carpe Diem Property’s pre-approved clients.


Best and final offers are submitted for review by the clients.


An offer is accepted, followed by exchange and completion.