Land Acquisition

Carpe Diem Property’s team of consultants are experts in land acquisition and advising clients with the optimum options available to them when buying and selling sites.

The following 3 options are forms of purchase that we as property developers will conduct on suitable development opportunities that meet our criteria.

What types of purchase will we consider?

Unconditional Freehold purchase

If the price is agreed by the parties, and there are no conditions attached to an offer, the contract is generally binding. If an unconditional offer is made and accepted, we must complete the purchase.

Conditional Freehold purchase 

The essential difference between this type of deal and the deal above is that the transfer of the property interest may not necessarily be completed. Whilst the parties exchange a contract the final completion and transfer of the property is conditional on certain conditions being fulfilled.

The most commonly used form of conditions relates to planning matters, where the purchaser will only buy the property if planning consent is granted first.

Land Options

An option agreement is an agreement made between a landowner and a potential purchaser of their property.

In simple terms, both parties enter into an agreement, in return for a non-refundable sum of money, the potential purchaser of the land has a legally binding option to buy at a certain date or within an agreed time-frame, or after completion of a certain event (for example after obtaining planning permission).

For more information, or advice on the best option for you, contact or team of experts on 020 7993 6571