Airspace development sites are required

Airspace development sites are required by CDP & our JV partners for the development of high end residential flats.

Airspace Development converts unused ‘airspace’ above residential, commercial and public building rooftops into new homes, maximising the development potential of your property.



  • Ideally we need sites that have flat roofs.
  • GDVs of over £1m.
  • We buy subject to planning or via JVs and we look at anything where value can be added.
  • Each scheme would typically be residential flats.
  • We look at schemes in London from Zone 2 outwards.




Past Projects:

  • Airspace development for 6 x 1 bed additional units in Earlsfield.
  • Airspace development for 4 x 2 beds above an existing commercial and residential building in Putney.
  • Airspace development for 40 units over 9 storeys in Bournemouth.



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