Locations: South UK, Home Counties and London Zone 2 outwards inside the M25 (ideally SW & W London).

Acquisition Cost: £500K – £5M with our own funds and £10M+ with our joint venture partners.

Sites: Suitable for residential or mixed-use developments e.g. land, vacant property, commercial, office to residential, brownfield, land assembly sites & air space opportunities above commercial property.

Planning: We will consider opportunities with or without planning.

Buying Model: Build to Sell or Build to Rent.

Seller: We will only negotiate directly with the owners.

Purchase: We will only bid on OFF MARKET sites that are not in the public domain.

Fees: Carpe Diem Property will pay fees on successful completions.

If you have any suitable properties:
Please call +44 (0)20 7993 6571
Email: &